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Polish Association Aberdeen invites a delegates from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Edinburgh to come to Aberdeen on a regular basis, to allow members of Polish community to apply for temporary passports for their newborn children or for those whose Polish passports expired.

Until recently, travel to Edinburgh was required to apply for a new passport, which was especially difficult to families with small children, and for those who need to rely on a public transport.

Now it is possible to apply for passports here in Aberdeen, which is much more convenient.
We appreciate the fact that Aberdeen is in general safe city to work and live in but on some occassions people may feel differently. That is why, together with Aberdeen Safer Community Trust, we are giving away personal alarms free of charge to everyone who may require them. If you either work late shifts, are a women walking home alone or basically need this additional peace of mind, we can supply you with a personal alarm.
Just three spoonfuls of blood are enough to save a newborn's life. Blood is also necessery for people with leukemia, victims of accidents or for surgery.

Friends and PAA members regularly meet at Blood Donor Centre in Aberdeen to give blood together.

Join us anytime - any healthy person can selflessy help other people.

All information about next blood donation day can be found on PAA website.

What we have acheived so far:

June, 17th 2009 - 4 donors, approx. 2 litres of blood
September, 29th 2009 - 6 donors, approx. 3 litres of blood
On Tuesday, 29th September, six people – PAA’s members and friends - have donated almost 3 litres of blood at Blood Donor Centre in Aberdeen. It has been agreed that the next volunteering will take place on the beginning of next year.
We hope that next time even more members and friends of Polish Association Aberdeen will decide to join us to give a blood.
The second edition of International Fun Day have been organised by the Aberdeen Lions Club on last
Sunday, 27th September at Duthie Park. Dozens of stalls from a different countries gathered together
nearby the local winter gardens.

Shmu Fm presented the music from all around the world, also we had some live shows on the open stage
where folk dancers, drummers and singers were unbeatable.

Polish Association Aberdeen post was absolutely busy. Our guests had a chance to taste (completely
free of charge) a bits of Polish traditional snacks like Farm Bread with Dripping & Sour Cucumber,
Pork Kabanos or Village Wiejska Sausage. Additionally our sweets; Bird's Milk with Marshmallow,
Sesame Snacks, Prince Polo Chocolate Bar and Lajkonik Pretzels also Carrot & Banana Fresh Juice
Kubus were in great demand. However, kids face painting was definitely the number one!

It was the first time for PAA (Polish Association Aberdeen) to attend in such an event. We have tried
to present our culture, taste of history and connections between two countries, Poland and Scotland.

See photo gallery!

Lord Provost Peter Stephen with PAA President Piotr Szumnarski (photo. Z. Bagniuk)

Please find latest newsletter published by Zjednoczenie Polakow w Wielkiej Brytanii (Federation of Poles in Great Britain).

Aberdeen Lions International Fun Day, 27th September, Duthie Park. 

The above event is being held for it's 2nd year, it is  organised by Aberdeen Lions Club and supported by Aberdeen City Council. The main reason for that event is to integrate ethnic minorities within our city. Community groups can show  their music, dance, craft, food etc. The aim is to promote awareness and understanding amongst the various communities within Aberdeen.


PAA is going to take a part of the event, more details soon.


Duthie Park, 27th Sept., 11.00-16.00, FREE EVENT



International Fun Day poster

On Saturday the 12th of September, Polish Consul Anna Dzieciolowska from Polish Consulate General in Edinburgh visited Aberdeen. More than 50 people have met the Consul, to apply for temporary passports for their new born kids.

Until now, applying for the Polish passport required both parents to travel to Edinburgh with their children. Providing this service in Aberdeen not only saved parents’ time and money but, what is most important, did not require travelling long distance with the infants. It was also convenient for couples who do not own a car and need to rely on public transport.

We would like to thank Sheena Crossan, of Third Level Resources Ltd., for allowing us to stay at her offices at 35A Union Street until late evening, to serve everyone. Special thanks to PAA members, Marta, Barbara and Edward for their support during the event.

Visit was organised by Polish Association Aberdeen (PAA). PAA plans to organize such event on a regular basis. More details will be published at the Association's website,

On Wednesday, 17th of June, four friends and members of Polish Association Aberdeen meet at the Blood Donor Centre at Foresterhill to give blood. Our aim was to encourage more Poles to give blood. Together we donated almost 2 litres of blood - it is not much, but we are going to promote this activity on our website and on the Polish Community Forum, and we hope that more Poles will join us to give blood in the future.