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27th January till 2nd February 2012 in Cineworld (Union Square) you can see "Polish roulette" ("Sztos 2") - a modern Polish comedy.

All details can be found on Cineworld website.


Movie plot:

A pair of lovable Polish swindlers embark on a madcap adventure in this lively, colourful comedy.


It's 1981, and Poland is still in the grip of communism. Not that this interferes with the entrepreneurial spirit of seasoned con-artist Sonny (Cezary Pazura) and his hunky good-for-nothing sidekick Janek (Borys Szyc). In the scenic ski resort of Zakopane, Sonny manages to bluff top secret service agent Krolik (Boguslaw Linda) during a vodka-fuelled poker game. To celebrate, the duo decide to pick up some lovely ladies in a nightclub. But their new companions are not what they seem and our intrepid heroes find themselves embroiled in a plot to transport a Solidarity leader to Warsaw. Along the way, they encounter corrupt cops, dodgy officials and their old friend Krolik...A riotous follow-up to 1997's 'Sztos', now one of Poland's most popular comedies, this handsomely photographed period romp has much satirical fun at the expense of the country's totalitarian past.