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Polish Association Aberdeen starts a project “Women 4 Women” - series of workshops designed for Polish women with main aims to give them real knowledge and skills. They can use it to improve their lives: to find better job, cut down stress level, build up confidence and self esteem, make life healthier for themselves and their families.

Working closely with Polish community, we can see how many women stay out of the main live stream because of lack of self esteem, work skills, language. Without any help or support it could lead to deeper and more serious problems. To avoid that we would like to give Polish women great, powerful tools – knowledge, support and courage to change their life. Our tutors have a proper education and experience with similar projects.

The workshops are held every Saturday afternoon in Polish Association office (35a Union Street, 2nd Floor). More details can be found on "Women 4 Women"

“Women 4 Women” is realised thanks to the Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All Scotland) and their financial support (over £ 4000 for a year running activities).